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Happy Day AFTER Christmas

Hey everyone!  I know this month was probably pretty tough for most of your bank accounts.  With all the lovely gifts you gave to friends, family, co-workers, charitable organizations, your mail man, church members, servers at the local restaurants, random strangers, the paper boy, your hair stylist, your pastor, the neighbors, that ugly punk kid your son/daughter asked to bring home so you could approve of their potential relationship (the outcome: no approval granted), etc.  We’ve all been there.  December is a huge budget-buster.  But in light of the fact Christmas was yesterday and credit card companies love January, I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts that may be useful.

First, I ran across this cartoon and thought it summarized the thought processes of a lot of Americans this time of year.  Hopefully not you!  Feel free to print and plan your “escape” from the bills.

day after Christmas

Second, I want to point you toward a post I wrote for my lovely wife’s website last year in the “Ask Barry” series we did about how to love the day after Christmas.  If your budget took a big hit this month, take heart!  There is hope.

To be honest, 2012 has been one of the worst and best years of my life.  With the release of my book, the quick sale of our townhouse and my wife’s pregnancy with our second child, I was sure 2012 was going to rock.  Then with the severe injury of my brother-in-law and the death of my dad, we’ve seen our share of tough stuff.  With the birth of our son and the debt-free purchase of our new home, we recognized that God didn’t want us to finish off this year without plenty of blessings.  So on this day after the celebration of Jesus’s birth, I want to remind you that no matter the circumstance you’re in and no matter how much or little you believe your existence matters, each day of life should be cherished and appreciated as the gift from God it is.  So even though the gifts have all been opened and the traditional Christmas feast may now only be leftovers, today is a brand new day to recognize how much you should be thankful for.  I wish you the absolute best in 2013 and look forward to continuing this journey with you for years to come.

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