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Spectrum Radio Show Interview {Podcast}

I was given the opportunity to go onto a local radio station to share my story, talk about my book and tell a little of how Stacy and I started Stacy Makes Cents.  When I showed up, I thought it smart to let them know I’m a rookie at all this so I admitted that I’d called in to some talk radio shows before and had done a remote broadcast interview or two, but had never done a full interview.  Carrie (the host) was great to work with and I really enjoyed the experience.  As you can see from the picture, we stayed out of the fulls studio and kept it more like a toned-down conversation, just using some basic recording equipment to capture it all.  I’ve always had the dream of doing a radio show and maybe this is a start.  Who knows?  For now, enjoy my radio interview debut – I sure did!

This is also my first attempt at putting out a podcast.  I suspect I’ll be doing more video/audio recordings than writing because then you can get the emotion of what I want to get across and tone makes a LOT of difference.  Plus, if I do video stuff you can see how beautiful I am and keep track of my receding hairline.

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