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Improving Your Credit Score the RIGHT Way

There has been a lot of hype around how to improve your credit score and there are millions of dollars spent every year by companies who want to sell you their services on this idea.  Admittedly, I teach that I don’t care about your credit score and you shouldn’t either, but I also want you to know how to keep your nose clean with your report.  So in five minutes, I explain my take on how to clean up your credit and make the most of what it can do for you.

Want more details?  Buy my book!  I go into great detail about how to review your report for accuracy, fix anything that’s wrong and make the most of what your credit report can do for you.

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  1. Jessica Johnson

    I was able to raise my credit score after I got a couple of secured credit cards who reported to the credit bureaus. Great article and thanks for the write-up!

    1. Barry

      Credit Cards = Debt. Your approach does work, but I try to teach people to avoid credit cards.

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